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Drains to Ocean is a grass roots, non-profit organization with a mission to keep pollution from flowing into rivers, lakes, and oceans. We believe that every drain matters. Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in mountain, street and beach cleanups.

Drains to Ocean is a *non-profit organization created for you and powered by the people.

The goal is to educate the public about litter issues that are created the second we step out of our own front doors. We want to bring awareness to the extensive pollution issues effecting our local streets, wetlands, beaches, and waterways...

Protecting the Ocean, One Drain at a Time

Our Mission

This is a 1-day educational surf contest, that brings awareness to beginner and advanced surfers alike. We encourage competitors to learn about ongoing issues of litter on our local city streets, beaches & pollution in our oceans. We focus on bringing family, friends, & the community together for a fun-filled day at the beach. The day includes an educational beach clean-up and eco-art show/awards ceremony at 6pm the night of the event. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Your donations activate Drains to Ocean so that we may operate our grass roots organization. Your generosity helps D20 to remain in the public eye and progress forward, by educating the public about keeping our streets free from litter so it never reaches our waterways.

Becoming a D20 member is easy and benefits the environment.