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Drains to Ocean: Advisory Board

The Drains to Ocean Advisory Board is comprised of a diverse group of people who lend their skills, expertise, resources, and connections to aid in D2O’s mission.

The advisor role is an unpaid position with no legal requirements or fiduciary responsibilities, however, their advice and knowledge is helpful and greatly appreciated by D2O management.

We are always looking for new Advisors. Shoot us an email with your resume and short description why you’d like to sit on our advisory board and our BOD will get back to you asap.

Jonny Vassic - Producer/Activist
Jonny has 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and is founder and president of Evergreen Oasis Entertainment, which specializes in creating TV and film content that inspires change through action and education. During his 3 years at Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as International Director and Director of TV and Film, Jonny Co-Created and was Consulting Producer on Whale Wars, Animal Planet’s top rated series. An award winning filmmaker and activist Jonny’s life long passion for the earth and animals and his film background has lead him on a journey to make content that is good for the soul and inspires positive change in the world.
“I feel honored to be working side by side with such a great group of switched on people who realize we can wait no more. We must act now, to end the brutality and needless suffering these beautiful and ecologically important animals endure.”

• Peta - Program Director
• Humane Society - Director of Animal Content / Program Director
• Sea Shepherd - International Director
• Surfers for Cetaceans - BOD/Crew


Mary Carney Doerges - Founding Partner / Ambrosi & Doerges APC
Ambrosi & Doerges is a Orange County law firm dedicated to our valued clients. We specialize in Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Probate, Business Law, Real Estate Law, and Civil Litigation..




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