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D2O Cleanups

Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in mountain, street and beach cleanups. Do you know of a spot in your city that needs to be cleaned up? Let us know: info@drainstoocean.org

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mountain cleanups

We feel that the cause of much of beach & ocean litter comes from miles and miles away from the ocean. We have many rivers that run from the mountains straight into the ocean. Respecting the Mountain is a new D2O Campaign where we join up with active volunteers at locations on or near the LA Mountains and hold educational cleanups.



Street cleanups

We encourage everyone to do a safe Street Cleanup in your own neighborhood, at least once a month. We think that the majority of trash that is on the beach, comes from litter on our city streets. It starts at our front doors. Our Street Cleanups include parks, rivers, lakes and city streets. Join up with other active volunteers and start a street cleanup today!



Beach cleanups

Beach cleanups are a fun way to volunteer your time with other active volunteers by helping to keep our beaches and ocean clean! We provide everything you need and offer community service hours if needed. We welcome all ages, schools, clubs, businesses, and other large groups at our cleanups. Click on our Calendar above to find future D2O beach cleanups.


We hold public cleanups from time to time throughout the year. Signup for our newsletter below, click on our calendar above, and dont forget to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on future D2O cleanups! Know of a spot that needs to be cleaned up? Let us know: info@drainstoocean.org

We also offer Corporate Cleanups. For more info visit click here