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Results RRR Surf Off 2018 presented by Vans and Drains to Ocean

2018 RRR Surf Off Results:

Drains to Ocean would like to thanks everyone who participated/volunteered and supported the RRR Surf Off/Beach Cleanup & Eco-Artshow held on May 19th @9th St. I’d especially like to thank our D2O BOD/EC members for helping to plan and run the event as smoothly as it went: Jeff Deffenbaugh, Manuel Florence, Zoe Florence (volunteer-minutes) and Ashley dos Santos. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors, especially Vans for taking the Blanket Sponsor spot and giving out free shoes to all the volunteers and each winner of the event! Check out www.rrrsurfoff.com for more of our great sponsors. And we cannot forget the event staff: Kevin Ashford, Tom Andor, Tom Miller, Barry Deffenbaugh, Jennifer and special thanks to Cherene/John, Mary and other family/friends that helped out.

The surfing event was a success! The waves were firing all day, with 3-5ft peaks (occasional 6ft faces) and the competition was fierce.


1st Place: Petey Romanik
2nd Place: Esai Gonzales
3rd Place: Sawyer Abing
4th Place: Kalani Nelson
5th Place: Dylan Shemke
6th Place: Kalia Nelson

1st Place: Zack Lyons
2nd Place: Ari Engel
3rd Place: Mahteo Gonzales
4th Place: Max Lambert
5th Place: Jake Vanderburg
6th Place: John Wedner

1st Place: Pedro Todaro
2nd Place: Dustin Voorhees
3rd Place: Ethan Hurst
4th Place: Jeff Hessey
5th Place: Paul Puglasi
6th Place: Bradie Shemke

1st Place: Casey Wheat
2nd Place: Mark Austin
3rd Place: Jeff Jessee
4th Place: Anthony Quiroz
5th Place: Jeff Morris
6th Place: Beau Basset

1st Place: Meah Collins
2nd Place: Juju Romanik
3rd Place: Mara Morales
4th Place: Juli Hernandez
5th Place: Brooke Daigneal
6th Place: Tiffany Russo

1st Place: Eric Peterson
2nd Place: Bradford Colwell
3rd Place: Mike Butler
4th Place: Joe Coyne
5th Place: Chris Bermudez
6th Place: Max Bollinger

Special Awards:
Best Maneuver: Petey Romanik (Scored a 10pt wave!!!)
Best Effort: Dylan Shemke

Sorry for any misspelled names.

The beach cleanup had 124 participants and gathered up roughly 97.5lbs of trash off the beach. Thanks to Gilbert, Zoe and Eric for taking time from their busy lives to volunteer and run the cleanup! We’d also like to thank Kohl’s team for coming down at 6am to help setup! It was amazing have the support of local businesses. @kohls #kohlscares


The Eco Artshow was a success! Raising almost $1,000 for the non-profit. We’d like to thank all the amazing artists for donating their time and efforts to support our cause.

Eco-Art Sold:
Nathan Ledyard: “Deep Wave” Recycled Wood Carved Art: $150 Ashley dos Santos
Seth Matson: “Chuck Dent Eagle” Giclee Print/Epoxy with reclaimed wood frame: $100.00 Angie Granheim
Angie Granheim: “Play me a Song” Hand painted recycled guitar: $150.00 Richard Busch
Angie Granheim: “Surf through life” Prince inspired handprinted recycled surfboard: $150.00 Ginger Corbett
Rick Blake: Large “Untitled” Large Recycled art: Steve Brightwell: $85
Joshua Paskowitz: “Waves of Emotion” $75 Jeff Morris
Fulltimehuman: “Houndstooth Tube” linoleum print: $40 Bradie Shemke
Fulltimehuman: “Dog Dream Afternoon” linoleum print: $40 Bradie Shemke
Bryan Helfand: “Untitled” Wood Art: $200 Peggy Kalama
Total: $995

A huge shout out to Angie for volunteering and setting up the art show!!!


We still have many cool art pieces that will be sold on Auction via E-bay in the weeks to come.

Thanks Caliconscious for playing at the Award Ceremonies and Cruisers Pizza and Grill for having us!


Thanks again to everyone for supporting Drains to Ocean! Sorry if we forgot to thank anyone, there were so many awesome people that helped to make this event a success!

Drains to Ocean is a grass roots, non-profit organization with a mission to keep pollution from flowing into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. We believe that every drain matters. Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in mountain, street and beach cleanups.


Protecting the Ocean, One Drain at a Time





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