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Support Drains to Ocean with equipment, supplies etc.

10x10 EZ Up

Looking for a 10x10 EZ UP Brand Canopy (New or Used).
email info@drainstoocean.org

Buckets /Gloves

We are always in need of Buckets, Gloves & Pickers for our cleanups.
email info@drainstoocean.org

RRR Surf Off

We like to reuse stuff for our Reduce Reuse Recycle Surf Off contest in May. Currently looking for:

1. Used Surf Trophies
2. Used Surf Jerseys
3. Volunteers:
    a. Judges
    b. Setup/tear down crew
    c. Beach Cleanup Core Volunteers
    d. Recycled Artshow Manager
    e. Help getting sponsors
    f.  Sound system/generator

4. Resin and/or Quikcrete Cement
5. Left over blank tees (all sizes and colors)

email info@drainstoocean.org