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D2O Virtual Cleanup - You pick the day!

You Pick the Location (beach, street, river, lake)
First Saturday of Every Month


Create a Virtual Cleanup in your neighborhood, park or beach

Join Drains to Ocean for a socially-distanced virtual neighborhood clean-up the 1st Saturday of every month!  Help beautify your City & stop litter from washing down to our ocean by cleaning up your local neighborhood, park or beach. Tag #drainstoocean @drainstoocean on Instagram with your clean-up photos the day of the cleanup and get a free sticker pack mailed to you for your hard work!

At Drains to Ocean, part of our vision is to create a movement where local citizens organize city clean-ups. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of our scheduled clean-ups have been cancelled. The oceans need us now more than ever and now you can create your very own virtual clean-up! Gather your friends and family together, but social distance, and get to work cleaning up your neighborhood, park, beach or any place you see that needs some extra attention and most important the location is safe for you to clean.

Remember: Clean Streets = Clean Ocean

Easy steps to participate in your own Virtual Clean-up:

Step 1. Read our Virtual Cleanup Checklist / Tips / Rules & Regs
Step 2. Find a safe location to cleanup
Step 3. Bring the proper cleanup supplies (see checklist)
Step 4. Take pictures of your virtual cleanup and post to Instagram (or Facebook) with #drainstoocean @drainstoocean
Step 5. Fill out your data sheet and email it back to us so we can send you a Free Drains to Ocean Sticker pack!

[Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and adult]

If you are in need of Volunteer Hours after your cleanup, please email


If you want to help with the current Huntington Beach Oil Spill, but can only donate, we’ve listed a few ways you can help some local Huntington Beach non-profits:

Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center: (do not show up, they are already overwhelmed at the current time)

Bolsa Chica Landtrust:

If you have any further questions please email us at