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Nov 8, 2022

Ocean Safe Sunscreen inspired by a 9 year old, Olivia!

Olivia and Seth with the new Ocean Safe Sunscreen

The Drains to Ocean Team is proud to introduce our newest creation, our all-purpose Ocean Safe Sunscreen.

Inspired by 9-year-old Huntington Beach local Olivia, this sunscreen is made with 100% bio-based packaging, organic raw ingredients and zero chemicals made by Avasol. Available in two tones, this sunscreen provides an SPF50 rating that is safe for lips and skin. Ocean Safe Sunscreen by D2O is the safest choice for you, your family, and our planet!

Environmental Impacts/Did You Know?

The Packaging: It is estimated that up to 60 million plastic sunscreen bottles wash onto our beaches and contribute to the destruction of our coral reefs each year.

The Product: Over 90% of sunscreens on the market today contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to human health and our oceans. While oxybenzone and octinoxate are common sunscreen ingredients that protect from harmful UV rays, they’re also known to bleach and kill coral reefs. In 2018, Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill banning sunscreen products that are formulated with these ingredients. They are also being banned in other areas like Key West.

The Solution: Ocean Safe Sunscreen by D2O is ethically sourced and handcrafted in small batches. Made from premium organic, nutrient-rich raw ingredients high in antioxidants, our sunscreen is free of radicals, offering a broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays while also correcting signs of sun damage. Our packaging is made from biodegradable plant-based materials, reducing the use of single use plastic packaging that can end up on our beaches, oceans and especially our reefs.

With a hint of cinnamon, and available in two shades, this sunscreen provides protection for skin and lips and has long wear in and out of the water.

Inspired by a 9 year old, Olivia!


Olivia was inspired to help make a difference in protecting our coral reefs. After writing a school report on the subject, Olivia created a fundraiser to raise awareness about the impacts humans are having on our coral reefs. With the money she raised, and a passion to spark change and educate others on what she had learned, she teamed with D2O to inspire this new Ocean Safe Sunscreen by Drains to Ocean, in association with Avasol. A portion of each sale will go towards a scholarship for Olivia’s college fund.

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“I seriously love this stuff! My buddies and I used the D2O sticks 2-3 times a day while surfing in 4-6ft surf with 84-degree water in Costa Rica. I jokingly kept telling them it's so eco-friendly you could literally throw it in the ocean and it wouldn’t be considered litter. I’m super excited to get this out there for people and hope they start paying more attention to the harmful sunscreens on the market and stop using them all together. I’m super stoked that Olivia inspired us to create this incredible product and we are excited to donate a portion of the proceeds to her college fund.”

-Seth, D2O Founder

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