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Drains to Ocean - Ocean Photo from above
Drains to Ocean

Protecting the Ocean One Drain at a Time


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About us

Drains to Ocean is dedicated to protecting our oceans, rivers and beaches one drain at a time.

Drains to Ocean is a grass roots, non-profit organization with a mission to keep pollution from flowing into rivers, lakes, and oceans. We believe that every drain matters. Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in neighborhood, river and beach cleanups.

Are you looking to join a dedicated team of volunteers working to improve the environment? Do you have spare time that you want to use to make a difference? Are you dependable and eager to make an impact? If so, we need your help!

What we fight for

We fight to preserve our oceans, rivers, beaches, and sea life.

Our goal is to create awareness by educating the public and empowering local volunteers to participate in cleanups, and recycling.

Plastic reduction

Reducing the impact of plastics in the marine environments that surround us.


Recycling reduces pollution and waste that ends up in our oceans, and puts seal life at risk.

Protecting sea life

Keeping waste out of our oceans protects our most valuable resources — the coast, ocean and sea life.


We create awareness by educating the public and empowering local volunteers.


How we spend your donations and where it goes.

We understand that when you make a  donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

40% Education
35% Cleanups
10% Marketing
10% Fundraising
5% Administrative

Let's make a difference.
We need your help!

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