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Create a virtual cleanup in your neighborhood, park, or beach.

The oceans need us now more than ever and now you can create your very own virtual clean-up! Gather your friends and family together, but social distance, and get to work cleaning up your neighborhood, park, beach or any place you see that needs some extra attention and most important the location is safe for you to clean.

Looking to signup for one of our current cleanups and to sign the waiver? Click here

Easy steps to create your own Virtual Cleanup.

Download and Read our Checklist
Bring Cleanup Supplies

Bring the proper cleaning supplies listed in the checklist download from step 1.

Record Your Data

Fill out your data sheet.

Find a Location

Find a safe location that needs a cleanup.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your virtual cleanup and post to Instagram (and Facebook) with #drainstoocean @drainstoocean

Send D2O Your Data Sheet

Email your data sheet back to D2O. We will send you a Free Drains to Ocean sticker pack.

Download Checklist / Data Sheet
Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
If you are in need of volunteer hours after your cleanup, please email


Our cleanup objectives.

Reduce Pollution

Reduce the amount of pollution in our waterways by cleaning up trash before it gets into our storm drains, waterways and ocean.

City Beautification

Beautify our neighborhoods by cleaning up trash in our local parks, beaches, community spaces and neighborhoods.

Civic Engagement and Empowerment

Empower citizens by helping them organize their own cleanups in their own neighborhoods.

Environmental Education

Educate the public on the impact their trash has on the pollution of our local ecosystems through experiential learning; they will experience first hand how much trash actually is in the streets, parks and beaches.

Youth Education

Partner with schools and youth community groups to train and educate them on the impact of local cleanup efforts.

Youth Leadership

Give young people the tools to organize their own cleanups by training them and providing them with resources.

Develop Environmental Advocates and Leaders

Train and give citizens the tools they need to organize events in their community and lead dialogues and waste and pollution issues.

Create Community and Neighborhood Bonding

Create civic engagement and dialogue within diverse communities by giving them an opportunity to come together for a common cause –cleaning up their neighborhood.

That's it! Go have fun and be safe.

Let's make a difference.
We need your help!