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D2O Cleanups

Our Goal: To create awareness and a sense of community by educating the public and empowering local networks of active volunteers to participate in mountain, street and beach cleanups.  Through these actions we help with:

  • Reducing Pollution: Reduce the amount of pollution in our waterways by cleaning up trash before it gets into our storm drains, waterways and ocean.
  • City Beautification: Beautify our neighborhoods by cleaning up trash in our local parks, beaches, community spaces and neighborhoods.
  • Civic Engagement and Empowerment: Empower citizens by helping them organize their own cleanups in their own neighborhoods.
  • Environmental Education: Educate the public on the impact their trash has on the pollution of our local ecosystems through experiential learning; they will experience first hand how much trash actually is in the streets, parks and beaches.
  • Youth Education: Partner with schools and youth community groups to train and educate them on the impact of local cleanup efforts.
  • Youth Leadership: Give young people the tools to organize their own cleanups by training them and providing them with resources.
  • Developing Environmental Advocates and Leaders: Train and give citizens the tools they need to organize events in their community and lead dialogues and waste and pollution issues.
  • Create Community and Neighborhood Bonding: Create civic engagement and dialogue within diverse communities by giving them an opportunity to come together for a common cause –cleaning up their neighborhood.

D20’s cleanup meetups on the beach are where the growth of our beach-loving community began.  We’ve collected thousands of pounds of trash, but, once we started thinking about the problem of pollution on our beaches, we quickly realized that the problem of litter on our beaches is not only a local problem at the beach. Read on to learn about the way in which human actions far from the coast end up impacting our beaches, and what D20 is doing about it – all along the way from the mountains, through our cities, and to the beach.


We are so proud of the impact our beach, mountain, and street cleanups have on our beaches and in our communities.  But – beyond our one monthly beach cleanup organized locally by a single organization, imagine if we could leverage the power of all of the people around the country that care as much as we do about our environment.  To make that dream happen, we have created a platform that allows individuals nationwide to take initiative to organize and lead community cleanups (coming soon). 

This platform gives everybody the resources and power to act in their own neighborhoods, and to make real community changes. It will also drastically increase the overall environmental impact of these small, local cleanups. D20 has created an easy-to-use online platform that provides individuals the tools they need to organize their own community, neighborhood and school cleanups.  In this way, so many more people can be empowered to become leaders of environmental advocacy and have a large impact on the positive development of their communities. 

The D20 It Takes A Village Cleanup Program has the following features:

1. A Calendar and Search Platform to find local cleanups to participate in

2. Ability to Create Your Own Cleanup, with an easy way to invite friends and family

3. It Takes a Village Cleanup Toolkit and Training. The ITVC Toolkit provides everything needed to run a successful and safe cleanup, including virtual training and certification upon completion that shows you are a trained cleanup organizer, liability waivers and other legal forms to ensure a safe and successful cleanup for all, educational literature, data collection kits and data publication of participants successful cleanups.


We encourage everyone to participate in a safe Street Cleanup in your own neighborhood, at least once a month. We think that the majority of trash that is on the beach, comes from litter on our city streets. It starts at our front doors and, literally, drains…to the ocean. Our Street Cleanups include cleanups at parks, rivers, lakes and on city streets. Join up with other active volunteers and start a street cleanup today! 



Beach cleanups are our original cleanup meetups and are a fun way to volunteer your time with other active volunteers, and help to keep our beaches and ocean clean! This is our chance to scoop up all that trash that made its way from the mountains and our inland communities on to the beach, as well as that left behind by thousands and thousands of beachgoers.  We provide everything you need, and offer community service hours if needed. We welcome all ages, schools, clubs, businesses, and other large groups at our cleanups. Click on our Calendar above to find future D2O beach cleanups, or learn how to schedule your own beach cleanup in your city with our It Takes A Village Cleanups. 



Did you know that the cause of much of beach & ocean litter comes from miles and miles away from the ocean? Southern California is crisscrossed by a network of rivers that run from the mountains straight into the ocean. Respect The Mountain is a new D2O Campaign where we join up with active volunteers at locations on or near the LA Mountains and hold educational cleanups. 


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